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We are a small flower farm in Nevada county. Bringing people closer to the gardens is our mission

I have always had a passion for horticulture and organics, my partner has always had a passion for design and working with Flowers. I never thought i would be here nurturing such an amazing project and so in love with the offerings it has brought. Flowers are a truly simple medicine for us in this human experience,just watching peoples faces light up when they are handed a flower or seeing the from afar people appreciating the beauty that they bring to our world.

I was one of the lead cultivators and board member's for Swammi Select for years. after my work stopped with them, i focused my energy on what i wanted to create next in this world, i wanted to be a business owner and to give to the community around me and afar. 

wanting to continue to educate and learn 

We practice only organic regenerative farming in the hopes that when we leave, we leave it better then we found it


2023 Gallery and images

all Photos by Bailey.w.Photography 

more of her works at

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